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marine 16/04/2012 20:52

Coucou je suis en kiff sur tes nails et j'essay de faire pareille mais j'ai pas les ongle aussi long lol!!

je voulais te poser 3 question :

a quel age ta commencé a faire des nails?

tes ongles on deja mesurer plus long d'1cm?

pourquoi a tu voulu faire sa?


ps : désolé pour les faute et si je suis indiscrete (tu me le dis) j'ai que 13an

sophie 13/02/2011 15:00

et montre ton visage  et la photo avec  le collier ouuuuu


Elizabeth 17/12/2009 22:47

Thank you! The picture was exactly what I needed. Your nails inspired me to see how long mine will grow. I've taken good care of them and they are no 8mm!!!! except my right thumb (nubbin) and my
middle left..knicked and is 7mm.
I don't know if I'll make it to a full cm, not sure I want to risk the bad break. I'm 48 years old and my hands aren't as pretty as your smooth, youthful hands. Did you ever chew or bite your
nails? (I did) I wonder because your's, like mine, grow straight, not curved.

Tartofraises 18/12/2009 10:39

thank you !! I never bite my nails. good luck for your nails growing!

Elizabeth 17/12/2009 18:13

I was wondering: how do you measure your nails? From fingertip to nail tip? or from where the nail separates from the nail bed? From the center or from the side?

Tartofraises 17/12/2009 21:00

hello ! I mesure my nails like this (picture more explicative than my bad english lol !!) :
old picture (with my web cam...)

Nailmasterfr 09/07/2009 21:17

Mélanie et Biovanille ont presque tout dit...c'est à tomber !ps : je passe sans rien dire sur l'autre com ;)